reThought Flood

Melissa Lynch

What’s your job at reThought Flood?

My role currently here at reThought is Senior Underwriter for the Specialty team. 

How long have you done it?

I am new to this role as of 2024, but I have spent several years with reThought on various teams such as our commercial team and accounting. 

What’s your favorite part?

My favorite part about this role is helping to grow our team and service while being innovative in the industry. I love that each day is a challenge with a new obstacle to problem-solve or overcome. It is never dull!

What makes it interesting?

I really enjoy being a problem-solver. I enjoy this not only internally with teammates, but also externally with our clients/brokers. Whether it is an obstacle with technology, partnering with teammates for forms review to meet client needs, or brainstorming on strategizing with a broker on how to tackle a hazardous risk, I enjoy the collaboration with many individuals.  

What’s your most important area of expertise?

Brokers enjoy my ability to synthesize data simply for them, so they can problem-solve the situation, or we work together strategizing solutions. There have been many phone conversations on larger schedules/TIVs that seem a bit precarious, and I am able to work with the broker to offer suggestions or solutions on providing the coverage requested or mandated by lenders. I also love helping others understand why a risk is performing a certain way, and provide some clear feedback to help educate the retailer or the insured. 

Why should people think about flooding?

The peril of flood is an ever-growing risk. As we embrace these new shifts in our environment and climate, we are seeing more people experience loss. This particularly hit close to home when a dam near my home broke, and it put half of our neighborhood under 2 or 3 feet of water. Luckily, we were spared. 

What else do you really like, and why? 

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family. Whether we are at Taekwondo, going to the park, or playing retro arcade games, as long as we are together is what matters. I also thoroughly enjoy if I can sneak away to the beach every now and again to get my toes in the sand. 

Where do you live, and who with? 

I reside in Midlothian, Virginia with my husband, mother, and 2 sons. 

When you were little, you probably didn’t expect to work in insurance. What was your “when I grow up” job?

When I was little, I was going to be a pop-singer! I did get my undergraduate in music education, but, after my time of public service as a music teacher, I have found a new home with reThought Flood. It is truly a place to call home. 

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