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Bags of Protection

If you do just one thing to protect your building from flood damage, it could be this.

Bags of protection: self-inflating “sandbags”

Sandbags are probably the most well-known and widely used means of defending against flood damage. Unfortunately they are difficult to get when you need them the most. Plus, they’re hard to handle, and they don’t store easily. 

That’s why some genius invented “self-inflating” bags that mimic sand bags. Unlike the conventional variety, they’re light, they store flat or in rolls, and they swell up when they get wet, not before. They even can be dried out and re-used.

They contain a highly absorbent polymer which swells up as it sucks up the floodwaters.  

Water-activated flood bags can be used for small-flood defense, but they’re just as handy for internal pipe failures, sewer backups, or any other occasion when water doesn’t behave. They are widely available, made by multiple manufacturers, and an inexpensive investment in protection for any occupancy. 

We at reThought don’t endorse any particular kind, but the ones we’ve shown here are made by FloodAvert.

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