reThought Flood

Protect your home and family from floods.

99% of US counties have flooded, but fewer than 1 in 10 homes is insured. Many people believe they have coverage, but they don’t. Many more think they’re not at risk, but they are. Where it rains, it can flood. Some people have flood insurance from the NFIP, but it’s not very good. It doesn’t cover the stuff in your basement, for example. Plus, it pays only small amounts.

US Counties Flooded

Homes Insured

Technology. Transparency. Trust.

reThought provides the ultimate flood defense.

We pay replacement cost values, not the ‘actual cash value’ some other insurers calculate to reduce claims.

We insure the contents of your basement, which hardly any other insurers do, because the basement is the most vulnerable part of your home.

We charge you only for your own risk. We use advanced technology to understand the specific flood risk of each and every property, so you never have to subsidize your neighbor’s insurance. That makes our prices more stable over time.