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About Derek

Derek Lynch: Chief Underwriting Officer

Derek Lynch is reThought Flood’s Chief Underwriting Officer, with responsibility for development and delivery of products that sustainably close the flood protection gap. With 15 years of insurance-sector experience, Derek now has ultimate responsibility for providing the tools and products that will shift floods from tragedy to inconvenience, and for educating the insurance industry and property owners about flood risk and coverage.


That last part is his driving force: unlike most of us, who got into insurance only because it was the best option available at the time, Derek chose the industry so that he could help people in times of need.


“We live in a new world,” Derek says. “Flood exposure is changing everywhere, prediction tools are evolving, insurance coverage is shifting, and so is our ability to implement physical mitigations efficiently. We may be the only insurers trying to solve the underlying issues, and we have the expertise to actually make it work.”


Derek toils tirelessly to solve all the world’s problems from his home office in Richmond, Virginia, with his dog Chloe, asking about everything: “is there a better way to do it?”