reThought Flood
About Catherine

Catherine Myers: Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Myers, reThought Flood’s Chief Operating Officer, has worked in technology for nearly 30 years. She brings enormous leadership experience to her role driving reThought’s technical progress, and overseeing high-level management of operational areas including sales, marketing, and HR.


Her overall goal is to ensure corporate strategy is implemented efficiently, and her specialty is driving teams and projects to succeed. That’s something she does with aplomb, from a standing desk wherever she’s working (currently Minneapolis, but soon a farm in Santa Cruz). The job matches Catherine’s preference to work behind scenes to get stuff done, and to help people organize for success around a common goal.


Catherine admits she knew nothing of flood insurance before joining reThought, but now sees the importance of protection with every passing week and storm. “The town I visit for groceries was underwater during the storms in California this winter,” she recalls. “The risk is real, and close.”


Her real passion (aside from flood insurance, of course) is growing the food she uses to cook creative, outstanding family meals.