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Flood Insurance is More Important Than Ever

It’s not just your imagination, flood has been in the news over and over again this year. Hurricane Ian’s impacts on Florida and the Carolinas is just the latest event of a busy 2022. Here are some notable 2022 summer floods you may have already forgotten about…

Texas, Aug 21-22, 2022

The second wettest 24-hour period on record happened at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport at 9.19″, just 0.38″ short of the record, and 15.16″ was recorded in east Dallas at the same time.

West Virginia, Aug 16, 2022

In mountainous areas, it takes less rain to do more damage. 4.44″ fell in 24 hours in southern WV damaging homes, roads, and bridges. This was the 4th flood State of Emergency in WV this year.

Las Vegas, Aug 11, 2022

The wettest monsoon in 10 years led to fatal flashflooding in Las Vegas when an additional 0.58″ fell on Aug 11th alone. Just one half inch of rain in an already saturated desert is enough to cause dangerous flash flooding.

Kentucky, July 27, 2022

The governor of Kentucky said the state experienced oneof the worst, most devastating flooding events in Kentucky’s history. Ten inches of rain resulted in many rivers passing major flood stage, damaging homes, and leaving over 23k people without power.

Missouri, July 26, 2022

In St Louis, a record 7.02″ of rain in just 5 hours caused deadly flash flooding. St Peters, northwest of St Louis, recorded 12.86″ over 24 hours.

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