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About Amit

Amit Rai: VP of reThought International

Amit Rai is VP of reThought India and reThought Estonia. He founded the data analysis insurTech CyberBoxer, acquired by reThought in 2023, after spending more than six years with risk modeler RMS, where he became a modeling thought-leader. He has since been determined to lever data and AI to build tools that yield the unparalleled understanding necessary to navigate the greatest risk challenges – like flood.


From his HQ in Tallinn, Estonia, Amit leads a multinational team to drive innovation in data analytics. He says the end goal must always be a useful application that genuinely benefits insurers and their customers – not just techies.


Amit perceives an expanding necessity for flood insurance world-wide, because nowhere is safe anymore. “Global warming and precipitation-based flooding are already intensifying flood risk for businesses and homeowners,” he says. “Flood insurance brings protection against costly damages, but more importantly, it gives people peace of mind.”


Amit effectively combines conflicting introvert/extrovert personas. The latter is a highly effective team leader, but his introvert self is an avid reader of philosophy.