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About Alyse

Alyse Aquino: Accounting Manager

Alyse Aquino is reThought’s Accounting Manager. From her home in Marion, Illinois, she manages the money, the spreadsheets, and the financial statements, which makes her critical to reThought’s smooth operation. Her specialty, she says, is finding discrepancies – and she’s very good at it.


Alyse holds a Masters degree in accountancy, and she passed all four CPA exams on the first try. She’s a huge asset to reThought, since she isn’t an insurance or technology lifer, like the rest of us. She brings unique perspectives from her earlier career roles in child development and university admissions.


Alyse says it’s great that flood insurance is offered, because people need it – but she doesn’t. “I live on the third floor, in an area where not much flooding happens…” she says. She didn’t need it in her previous, pre-flood-insurance life, either, working as a Community Youth Development Volunteer for the Peace Corps. She lived for two years in a yurt in the Gobi Desert with no running water, so even lower flood risk.


When she’s not working with numbers, Alyse is with words. She loves books, reading, thinking about reading, reading about books, and discussing what she’s reading.