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Flood Insurance Done Right

As an InsurTech MGA, reThought does flood insurance differently. We use advanced data analytics to pinpoint risk precisely, so we can offer better coverage at a price based on actual risk.

Flood Insurance Done Right

reThought is a different kind of flood insurance company. We use advanced data analytics to pinpoint risk precisely, so we can offer better coverage at a price based on actual risk.


Exceptional coverage for small businesses through complex specialty risks from “A” Rated carriers. 


Flood insurance backed by industry-leading technology and crafted specifically for your unique property.

reThought's Extreme Service Promise

Every reThought Flood broker has an assigned and dedicated business development manager, but also an assigned and dedicated underwriter. We promise extreme service on:

  • Collaborative program structuring
  • Quotation turn-around
  • Answers for insureds
  • Claims assistance
  • Help winning accounts
  • Co-branded marketing collateral
  • Overall responsiveness

Technology. Transparency. Trust.

reThought has developed the most advanced Flood underwriting platform in the business. Each building is assessed in detail, along with the full policy portfolio.

  • Model Convergence
  • AI-driven Flood Resilience Score (patent-pending)
We evaluate more data in real-time than any other Flood provider and deliver a true picture of the risk. reThought’s Risk Report paints a realistic view of the risk you can share with your clients to help educate them on Flood risk and coverage available.
Our pricing is risk-based. Lower risk, lower pricing; higher risk, higher pricing. It’s that simple. With a broad range of appetites in all 50 states, expect support in your speed-to-market needs with stable, reliable capacity.

  • Flood Zone agnostic; 50% of reThought policies are in non-required Flood zones
  • RCV on Building & Contents
  • General business, restaurants and specialized risks with a single reThought policy for any size schedule
  • Negative-elevation properties can be priced; no strict limitations for coverage in subgrade areas or basements
Top-rated policyholder protection from market-leading “A” rated capacity providers enables broker partners to sell more flood. We’re problem solvers with a hands-on approach to resolving challenging risks. Whether the solution is excess follow-form coverage with drop-down or quota share, our dedicated underwriters are trained to work with agents to find coverage and pricing.

  • Lender Approved & Accepted
  • Basement Contents
  • Rapid Claims Response
Maximize your flood book with innovative solutions to help control rates over the long term.
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